What we do

Backend software

Scalable and secure JVM-based software using technologies such as Lightbend’s Reactive Platform, Scala or Java, Docker, Cassandra.
Telemetry, IoT

Processing high volumes of transactions coming from external devices in soft-real-time.
Data analytics

Business-driven data analyses and predictions software using machine learning algorithms.

How we work


Our business analysts help you prioritize and shape product requirements to ensure you get the product you really need.
Product delivery

We run software development process end-to-end – from business idea to a complete product, including production support.
Product support

We can help solve scalability, availability and performance issues of your existing products by providing counsel and engineering services.

Our values


We believe in long-term relationships, in which we dive deep into the problem to give the most, and you rely on us supporting your business.
End results

Product deliveries are what we value most - this is what fuels your business. Frequent deliveries get your business going sooner, and feedback accounted for earlier.

Our team


The core of our team is a decade old. Our specialists include business analysts, software architects, developers and quality assurance.

We have a rich experience in fields such as telemetry, data synchronization, systems security – all applied over the course of many projects.

Technical skills span JVM languages, functional programming, areas of software performance and availability. We also do React/Vue WEB frontend.

Our clients

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